The Keymark of Quality...

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The Result

Over our 50 years of operation, we have built exceptional quality into every aspect of our business.  The result: quality you can measure.  Extrusions that meet your dimensional specifications exactly. Reliability, Service, and Consistency you can count on.  Superior workmanship together with cutting edge computer technology allow us to maintain critical manufacturing variables and achieve maximum quality control throughout our operations.

Quality Assurance

Our state of the art quality control system is customized to ensure control is where it's needed.  Each shop floor operator is a fully trained member of our quality control team with access to complete dimensions, exposed surfaces and mating-part drawings on computer terminals located right at the extrusion presses.

Customer Satisfaction

Rather than focus on "Maximizing Efficiencies" or "Pounds Produced Per Hour" like most of our competitors, Keymark is driven to produce the highest quality aluminum extrusions with the most exacting tolerances possible - ultimately resulting in "Customer Satisfaction".  Unlike most aluminum extruders today, our presses are able to run half-commercial tolerance material.  We guarantee the Keymark of Quality.