Advantages & Disadvantages of Powder Paints...

  • Unlike liquid paints, powder coating does not use any solvents...eliminating V.O.C.'s (Volatile Organic Compounds).
  • AAMA 2603 powders come with a 10-year factory warranty.
  • The mechanical durability of powder greatly exceeds wet paint.
  • Requires less energy to produce (Can be up to 30% less than liquid).
  • Excess powder in the application process can be reclaimed...eliminating waste.
  • Powder can be applied at higher film builds than liquid. 
  • Difficult to touch-up in the field with a good color match.
  • Applicators cannot perform in-house blending and color matching.
  • Powder coating requires a greater film thickness and is difficult to achieve lighter film thickness without creating an orange peel effect.
  • Some powder paints are not as economical as their equivalent in wet paints.
  • Powder coat paints cannot provide the brillance of a metallic look as with liquid paints, due to powders inability to hold the same metallic flake content.
  • Single coat powder paints on aluminum are susceptible to filiform corrosion.