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Job Summary:  The painter is responsible for painting the material that  is put on the line. The painter is also responsible for making sure that the correct material is being painted the appropriate color and that all exposed sides of the piece are covered. Visual inspections of the material pre and post painting are also completed by the painter.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Writing the paint schedule for the day
  • Flushing of the first color of the day to check it is the correct color
  • Starting up of the reciprocators and turning on the high voltage
  • Setting the oven temperature for each color/type of paint
  • Adjusting paint pressures, voltages, disc and line speeds, and ram lengths for each die
  • Use of PACICs for special instructions
  • Check orientation of metal as it enters the paint booths
  • Check to see if the color needs primer and/or clear coat
  • Constantly conducting visual checks for defects such as splatters, pick up, etc…

Other Responsibilities:

  • Keeping work are clean
  • Inputting paint usage data into PACICs
  • Checking the paint thickness with the wet film gauge
  • Changing of booth filters when necessary

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Basic computer use and knowledge
  • Ability to work with and around chemicals
  • Use of tools when necessary (wet film gauge)
  • Ability to take direction and follow all procedures

Problem Solving:

  • If paint is too dry, the ability to work and figure out what needs to be added to fix
  • Resolve paint drips and splatter problems by eliminating the problematic areas
  • Ability to analyze how to get paint coverage on all exposed surfaces

Working Conditions: Working conditions around the paint department can be loud, cold, or hot. The potential for dropped metal, trips, and falls exists. Proper PPE must be worn at all times. Fast paced environment with the number one focus on quality.

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