Shipping Loader

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Basic Job Steps:

  • Inspect crane and sling fill out inspection sheet. Review truck list. Arrange pallets according to customer and location.
  • Use sling to lift pallets on the line and to transport to dock floor or onto trailer that is being loaded.
  • Load trailer according to the list remove blue tickets and place in box on the yellow rail.
  • When trailer is complete position and tighten straps and close side curtains and finish closing up trailer.

Potential Accidents or Hazards:

  • Material may have sharp edges which could cause cuts and scratches. Material is all different lengths which could be a tripping hazard. When using crane mechanical failure could occur.
  • Load is not centered causing the load to slip through sling and fall. Obstructions that prevent safe movement.
  • When loading a trailer there is a potential for stacks to fall over.
  • Not tightening straps could cause loads to shift while in transit. When using straps they must be tossed up and over load. Be sure no one is on the other side so they don’t get hit with ratchet and strap.

Recommended Safe Job Procedure:

  • Always be aware of your surroundings and check cranes and slings for any signs of fault
  • Always be sure load is secure and balanced and you have an open path to travel to your destination. Always safety with your load with one hand guiding it.
  • Always use side posts to ensure if pallets do tip to fall they can’t fall off into pit or on someone that may be below.
  • Make sure load is secure and has belly strap. Keep side posts in until load is secure. Pay attention to your surroundings. Keep chains up when a bay is not in use to avoid a potential for falling into pit area.

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