Aluminum Demand May Jump As High As 59% Over The Next Decade April 19, 2006
April 5 (Bloomberg) -- Aluminum consumption may jump 59 percent by 2015 as China's demand for the metal, used in beverage cans and car bodies, more than doubles, BHP Billiton said. Consumption of the metal is forecast to rise to 51 million tons a year from 32 million tons in 2005, Robert Guilbault, general manager of BHP's Hillside aluminum smelter on South Africa's east coast, said in a presentation posted on the company's Web site. Guilbault couldn't be reached for comment when telephoned by Bloomberg News. Aluminum output must double by 2020 to keep pace with consumption, Alcoa Inc. Chief Executive Officer Alain Belda said on March 7. Demand for the metal, which has trebled since 1970, is growing in the U.S. and China at a time when producers are closing high-cost smelters to seek cheaper power in countries such as Iceland, Trinidad & Tobago, Guinea and Ghana. China will use 16 million tons of aluminum in 2015 compared with 7 million tons last year, Guilbault said. Demand for the metal will start to outstrip current capacity and planned new production from 2008.
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