President Trump Signs Aluminum Proclamation March 21, 2018

On 3/8/18 , the President signed his aluminum proclamation, as expected.  However, it was not expected that he would exclude Canada and Mexico, albeit on a temporary basis.  The President’s exemption for Canada and Mexico is conditional and based on a positive outcome to the ongoing NAFTA negotiations.  The orders are set to take effect March 23, 2018.  There is no mention of an expiration date in the proclamation.

From the declaration, we learn that all primary and semi-fabricated forms of aluminum will be covered.  This includes ingot, billet, log, and extrusions.  It does NOT cover fabricated extrusions or any other downstream products.

The President decided to increase the global tariff recommended by the Department of Commerce from 7.7% to 10%.  The tariff will cover the declared value of the aluminum imported. 

The orders do offer an exclusion process.  Several groups have already called for a host of countries to be excluded.


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