Aluminum Demand Down 5.9% July 02, 2007
Aluminum demand in the U.S. and Canada totaled an estimated 7.3 billion lbs through April, 5.9% below the same period in 2006, according to the Aluminum Association. On an annualized basis, Purchasing calculates that industrial buying of aluminum mill products looks to be sliding 5.7% to 17.6 billion lbs.

The Aluminum Association’s Aluminum Situation report circulated to the media says that shipments by domestic producers plus imports of all forms of aluminum—from ingot to semifinished products—were 8.354 billion lbs through the first four months of 2007, off 3.2% from a year ago. Aluminum imports alone were off 19.1% from a year ago, totaling 1.648 billion lbs in the first four months. Exports of aluminum from these firms in the U.S. and Canada (excluding cross-border trade) totaled 1.985 billion lbs through April, 8.9% higher than last year.

Demand for aluminum sheet and plate totaled 783 million lbs in April, 7.5% below a year ago, while extruded products recorded a year over year decline of 15% to 339 million lbs. Through the first four months, demand for all mill products totaled 5,549 million lbs, off 6.8% from last year. The Aluminum Association’s index of net new orders of aluminum mill products is down 11.7% from the first four months of 2006. Meanwhile, through-April shipments of aluminum ingot for castings, exports and other uses of 2.805 billion lb also is down from a year ago.


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