U.S. Applies Import Duties To Chinese Extrusions November 01, 2010

Success in securing steel import restrictions has encouraged the United Steelworkers and a number of producers to push for similar measures against Chinese aluminum extrusions. Coming fast on the heals of US countervailing duties announced in August ranging from 8.18% to 137.65%, the US Department of Commerce announced last week that they would set preliminary anti-dumping duties on imports of aluminum extrusions imported from China. The duties have been set at 59.31%.


The action was initiated and funded by the United Steelworkers and Aluminum Extrusions Fair Trade Committee in March and had the active support of a group of U.S. producers.  The US producers complained that Chinese imports undercut their market and depressed prices pointing to an increase in imports from that country from $306.8m in 2008 to $513.6m in 2009, a 67% surge according to a Global Times article. Another article quotes the WSJ as saying in 2007 China controlled just 8% of the U.S. aluminum extrusion market, a share that jumped to 20% last year. 

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