Is Your Applicator for Paint and Anodize Coatings Listed in AAMA's Certification Program? February 03, 2015

Did you know that if your applicator of paint and anodize coatings is not listed in AAMA's (American Architectural Manufacturer's Association) Certification Program, then those respective coated extrusions cannot be used in a window or sliding glass door bearing the AAMA label?  Keymark regularly submits coated extrusions to an independent 3rd party laboratory to have all of our coatings tested to AAMA-2603-13, AAMA-2604-13, AAMA-2605-13, and AAMA-611-14 for full compliance with the applicable specification.  Just because your applicator is APPROVED by their own paint and/or anodizing chemical supplier, doesn't mean that you are getting coatings that meet all of the tests as required by AAMA to be a CERTIFIED APPLICATOR


Ask yourself...Am I confident that my current coatings applicator is accurately testing his coatings to adhere to all AAMA testing and performance requirements by an "Independent Laboratory" for the applicable specifications and can he supply you with the appropriate test results or is he just an approved applicator?  


When you purchase finished aluminum extrusions from Keymark, you can rest assured that you are receiving coatings that have been rigorously tested and that they meet or exceed industry standards.


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