Keymark – NY To Install New Packaging Line

Date: May 07, 2007

We are pleased to announce that Fonda is adding a new updated/semi-automated $ 1.2 MM packaging line.  The new line, manufactured by Emmebi in Italy, arrived in Fonda, NY the 7th of May.  The old line will be dismantled and the new line installed over Memorial Day Weekend. (May 26th – 28th). 

Facts referencing the new line: The new line will have the capability to stretch wrap entire 1,000/lb. master bundles.

  1. Will incorporate thicker wood blocks on the bottom of the master bundles to help customers unload the bundles with forklifts better without damaging the material.
  2. The bundles will be much tighter and more uniform due to the master wrapping.  This should decrease the amount of traffic damage to material and to help decrease shifting of loads.
  3. There will be less disposal costs to our customers of the packaging waste, due to the fact that the actual wood battens on the bottom are inserted inside of the stretch wrap (eliminating plastic and steel bands).  The packages will now have less cardboard, only on the bottom to protect for forklift unloading.
  4. Minimum bundle size will be 8″ x 8″, Maximum bundle size will be 24″ x 24″, Maximum extrusion length will be 27′.  Packaging specs outside of these will be packed off-line.
  5. Increased through-put (Lbs. Packed). 
  6. For customers not wanting the entire bundle stretch wrapped, it has the capability to stretch wrap only where the battens are located.