A Class Of Painting Capabilities And Services All Its Own

Keymark is (1) of only (4) aluminum extrusion companies in the North American Market to be a member of PPG's distinguished Certified Applicator Program (CAP). We aren't just an approved applicator... We Are Certified! This program was designed by PPG to strengthen this ELITE group of applicators of commercial high performance coated painted aluminum to a leadership position in the North American Commercial Construction Industry. The CAP Program encompasses a select group of applicators, whose facilities and processes are quality audited, that deliver color consistency, product quality, customer service, and technical expertise. Our wet and powder coating capabilties are un-matched in the industry as we can accomodate paint lengths up to 40 feet in our Lakeland, FL facility and lengths up to 25 feet in Fonda, NY.


State of the Art Anodizing Capabilities: Keymark's custom designed Walgren 2-step automated anodizing system, at our Fonda, NY facility, is capable of anodizing and custom-coloring extrusions up to 32' in length. Batch-to-batch color and surface quality consistency are assured by the most advanced combination of systems in the aluminum anodizing industry.

  • Automated Hoist System - Ensures exact control over timing of the anodizing process, so all extrusions receive the same exposure.
  • Computerized Chemical Analyzers - Highly accurate computerized process takes samples, analyzes trends, and provides tighter controls over chemical constituents in each tank.
  • Automatic Chemical Replenishment - Replaces chemical constituents in each tank as needed.
  • Caustic Etch Regeneration - Automatically retrieves and recycles the caustic surface-treatment chemicals in the system's etch tanks, maintaining consistent chemical concentrations for each batch.

The most advanced system of its kind: Our anodizing facility integrated with a sophisticated waste-recovery, recycling, and pollution control equipment ensures that we are compliant with the stringent EPA & NY state regulations. Make Keymark your choice...when you need anodized aluminum extrusions.

AAMA's Certification Program Verified Components List

Thermal Enhancement

Thermal Break Capabilities: Advanced Technology at Work. We offer 2 types of thermal enhancement to meet the most demanding requirements your products need. Keymark uses the latest high-tech thermal break equipment at both of our facilites, to produce the highest quality thermally improved extrusions. Our dedicated in-house thermal break operations use automated "Fill & De-bridge" equipment incorporating Azon's patented Azo-Brader process for dependability you can count on. We have most recently installed the latest in European "Thermal Strut" equipment at our Fonda, NY facility to offer you optimum thermal efficiency/technology.

So, no matter what your products require ...Keymark has it all!

Our Thermal Enchancement Capabilities

Thermal Fill & Debridging
Azon Azo-Brader
Thermal Strut